Selecting Art for Your Home

Frequently Asked Questions about Framing

Artwork fills up empty walls, ties a room together, and enhances your surroundings. Often people don't consider how a new piece of artwork will look in ten or twenty years, but if not properly assembled, it can look old before its time. Quality mounting, matting and framing can keep your art looking good for many years and save the hassle of reframing in later years.

Whether you are purchasing a framed piece from an artist, or taking your unfinished artwork to a frame shop, here are some suggestions about what to look for, what to be wary of and how to find the framing job that suits your needs as an art owner.

As an artist, I feel it is most important to choose art that you love. However, I understand that you don't live in an art gallery, and it is important to you that the art you choose fits into your home. It can be difficult to look at photos online or at an art show and visualize how they will look on your walls. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Selecting Art for Your Home

Consider one or two of the boldest colors in the room you want to display your art, and look for art that has those same colors in it.

Don't put a small print on a large, bare wall. Consider one large or several small pieces to keep the art from being overwhelmed.

It can be challenging hanging art on deeply colored or patterned walls. Consider a large, light-colored mat to highlight the artwork.

A picture light mounted above your artwork can show your piece at its best.

Mount pictures on your wall so the center of the piece is at eye level

Choose frames that reflect the style of your home. If you have a lot of antiques, choose antique frames. If your home is contemporary, choose contemporary frames. Remember, artwork can be reframed if you move or redecorate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Framing

Your fine art purchase should bring you joy every time you see it. Since you'll want your photograph to look like new for years to come, careful attention should be paid to matting and framing. Read more about our recommendations for frames and mats (Adobe Reader required).