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Welcome to Tony Casper Fine Art Photography

If you would like to see some of the most exquisite fine art photography from the likes of Italy and France, then you have made the right choice by coming into the website of Tony Casper. Through my work you will see close-set buildings, with their ancient walls stained the colors of the sunrise, and reflected in still canal waters. You can experience a flowerbox spilling over with flowers so eloquently. Crooked wood shutters waiting to be opened. A lonely farmhouse, nestled in fall grasses of green and ochre. Purple heather drenched in morning light. A local pub, brimming with character. These sights will illuminate the eyes and show you what you are missing around the world.

You will enjoy these simple images, taken all over the world, that capture a distinct sense of local character. Each photograph makes the everyday extraordinary, capturing your eyes and your imagination. For instance photography within wine country can spark an appetite for that fine wine you have yet to experience. The photography from Ireland can inspire you to return to the land of your ancestors. Greece and its structures are art in itself, and I try to portray that back to the viewer as close as possible.

My hope is that my photography will enrich your home, feed your spirit and take you to the places you want to be, that you might not be able to go. So please come into my site, and check out my online fine art photography gallery. See what sparks your interest, and let me know in what way I can help you out.

- Tony